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Last week we went to Chicago to visit Wade’s side of the family for Christmas. The weather cooperated for driving to get there and to get back home, but in between, not so nice. Fortunately the week was pretty laid back and my in-laws live with in walking distance of great shopping and restaurants.

We had a nice visit but it is always good to be home.

As much as I enjoy going to a nice restaurant with family and friends or finding a great people watching spot while partaking of a few cocktails, I am not a big New Years Eve party person.

Last night was all about sharing a bottle of champagne with Wade and making plans and dreaming about 2016. Some of those dreams were personal and then there is the business side of dreaming.

I am so excited to start on my Old Lake George dream list!

My sister in-law Mara owns a very successful shop thru Ebay named Heirloomlady.

She has a selection of vintage, Victorian and new items. Her taste is exquisite. She let me shop her shop while we were visiting. I knew when I saw these wooden barrels that I needed them. Wait until you see what I am going to make.  🙂

While I was filling orders yesterday, Wade went into town and ran errands and bought me this beauty.

Okay, so it’s technically just a picture of a box, but again wait until you see the things that it is going to create for Valentine’s Day! Hold on tight and wish me a little luck that scroll sawing will be as easy as people say.

In no particular order, here are some other items on the dream list that you will see in the coming months and year:

  • Birch tree branch vases
  • Larger pillow covers
  • Colorful pillow covers
  • Neutral pillow covers
  • Unique pillow covers
  • Updating my 17 step staircase
  • Outdoor décor
  • Guest blogs
  • Haven Conference
  • Improving my photos
  • Organizing
  • Traveling to Hawaii
  • Planning Sam’s college graduation party
  • Planning Jack’s high school graduation party
  • Estate sales

…. to name a few.

Today is full of putting away our Christmas décor. First “organize” of 2016.

Every year after Christmas I say that I am going to organize it all. Toss the broken lights, properly store the ornaments and mark all of the boxes correctly as to what they contain.

This is the year people! Either that or I will have nothing to chat about on Monday. 🙂

Cheers to a great 2016!