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Have you ever been in a check out line and it takes forever?

When Sam and I were shopping in Des Moines we got stuck in the slowest line known to man. Finally it was our turn and she started putting her things on the conveyor belt.

It didn’t take long to figure out why this process was so slow.

The clerk was a nice 17 year old young man who was very chatty and full of wisdom. He was similar to the game 20 questions but his questions were always centered around what you were buying.

Sam found some great sales so she had several pieces of clothing, a couple new pair of boots and some other odds and ends. She shared with Clerk 20 questions that she had an interview next week for Occupational Therapist Grad School.

His response, “Ohhhhh, you look like an Occupational Therapist!”

Okay then, good to know.  🙂

Now it was my turn and I was so dreading where these questions were going to end up.

I was buying a bra, 9 pair of underwear and frozen chicken wings.

Mr. 20 Questions Smirk Face had only one question for me.

“So what are your plans for the evening?”

To say that moment was a little awkward, would be an understatement. I burst out laughing, but Sam jumped in trying to break the awkwardness and quickly told him that later on we were going to work on my blog.

The young man back peddled a little bit and restarted his game.

Mr. 20: “What kind of blog do you write?”

Me: “A home décor based blog.”

Mr. 20: “Are you an expert in that field?”

Me: “In my own mind.”  🙂

Mr. 20: “Well, it’s not how good you are that matters, but how others perceive you.”

I told you he was full of wisdom. 🙂

So collecting all of my expertise, I finished my vision for the piece that I picked up at the salvage yard.

Using my chop saw, I cut this into four pieces. Here are three of the four sections.

I love the architectural difference between the three pieces but I wanted them to look a little sharper.

I painted them with varying coverage using a white chalk paint.

After letting them dry for about 30 minutes, I then sanded them until I thought they looked like they were related in a second cousin once removed sort of way.

The rest of the afternoon I staged them in different spots until they found a home.

I picked the mantel by the bird cage cloche as their new home. The area needed a little more depth and these did the trick.

I’d ask you what you think, but I am tired of questions.  🙂

See you on Friday,