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I wish you all would’ve come over to my house yesterday and spent the day with Spencer and I.

He came up in the morning for his monthly photo/teaching/motivation session with me. We had so much fun.

The first hour was filled with catching up stories. He had been to Texas over the holidays so I wanted to hear all about his adventures and of course I had to share with him the stories of Arthur aka Arty his dog that had stayed with us while he was gone.

You’ve seen this photo of Arthur, but I forgot to tell you that he had written a poem titled, Revelations – Arthur’s 2015 Poem.

Read it, please. This is one amazing dog.

Of course a person with so much creativity would own a dog that is also full of ideas and thoughts. And to organize those thoughts in the form of a poem, not to mention that Arthur doesn’t even have thumbs…beyond all comprehension. 🙂

We had so many more stories to swap but it was time to get to work. This is what work looks like for the two of us. Make that the three of us. Roni, the cat had to get her 15 seconds of fame.

We used my new plank wallpaper wall as the background for yesterday’s shoot. There is so much natural light coming in through the windows, it makes for a great studio set up area.

I love to see what Spencer creates through his lens.

Let me show you.

Scroll back up and notice the “Love” sign he is photographing.

This is how that photo turned out.

Pretty nice, right?!?

Sometimes after Spencer shows me a photo and I comment that I like it, he pauses. Naturally I ask, What? What are you thinking?  I have learned over time that that pause is because he is thinking, Can it be better?

And this is how he defines better.


More like…Better. Superior. Beyond my expectations!

We/He shot two more signs. I didn’t know at the time that Spencer took this photo. We had used broken skewers to prop the sign up, because, well…sometimes even “love” needs help to stand tall. 🙂

Here is another font of Love

And an Eat wall art option.

These signs or wall art have been cut by Jack, my 17 year-old craftsman. 🙂  They are cut from 16 gauge steel and are about 7 inches tall and 11 inches long. This is the same material that he cut the custom signs from that I chatted about in a previous post.

From steel wall art, we moved on to Checkers for lunch. A working lunch mind you.

Now are bellies were full and we were ready to tackle the new light fixtures I have made and then some candid DIY shots. All of which I will share with you later.

But here is a sneak peek. Just to peak your curiosity.

I have a couple Sidenotes to share tomorrow. I’d love for you to stop by.


If you are interested in purchasing a sign, clicking on the word Love or Eat that is highlighted above the pictures will take you to my shop. 🙂