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Hello! Let me start today by saying I am so sorry that my photos are sometimes sideways on different devices. I blog from my lap top and do not hit “Schedule” until everything looks good.

Then in the morning I grab my Mt. Dew and granola bar, plop down on the couch and start to read my favorite blogs. I also re-read my own blog at this point to quadruple check it. This is when I can see that some of the photos are the wrong way. I cannot figure out why some photos do that and some do not.


As one reader recently commented to me, it makes her dizzy to read my blog because of this issue. Believe me when I say that it makes me dizzy too! Dizzy and frustrated but still trying to get it all figured out. Please be patient with me as we work on this. I hope you will keep coming back as we strive to make things better!

So at the risk of some of these photos making you dizzy, I want to share with you a pastime we embrace here in Minnesota over the long winters.

Ice fishing.

Disclaimer: I enjoy fishing when is hot outside with a good book to read and an ice-cold beverage to sip on if/when the fish are not biting.

I am not an ice fishing enthusiast. Too cold, bad lighting, not a fan of hot drinks and it is difficult to turn the pages of a good book when I have big fat mittens on. 🙂

If it’s any consolation, I love the workout that walking a mile on a frozen lake offers when preparing to ice fish.

Nikki and I followed our daily walking route on Sunday but added an additional 2 miles to that walk as we ventured out on to the lake to see if “the boys”, our husbands had caught anything.

Early in the season, most people use an ATV to pull out their ice houses and equipment onto the frozen lake.


We do not have an ATV. We are starting a Go Fund Me account. So please donate often and generously. 🙂

Just kidding. Hopefully at the end of the season we can grab a good 4 wheeler off of Craigslist.

Our neighbor Paul had offered to let Wade use one that he owns. Wade thanked him but declined the offer because the ice wasn’t quite thick enough to hold the weight of a four wheeler. (The ice was about 5 inches thick.)

Our ice house is an older yet adequate house that collapses and sits on a large sleigh so you can put all of your equipment on it.

I think most non-permanent ice houses are designed like this, but since I don’t work for ICE HOUSES R US, I am just guessing. 🙂

Wade has a harness he puts on to pull everything out onto the lake. Jimmy is only strong enough to carry the minnows. bahahaha. They actually traded off getting that baby out there.

They walked about a mile then set up the house, drilled a hole with the auger and waited.

When Nikki and I arrived about an hour and a half later, they were still waiting.


I think the boys were fishing for about 4 hours before they came in.

Their patience paid off. And they measured their success with a sink full of crappies.

Spencer is coming up on Thursday not to ice fish but hopefully with just as much patience as he gives me a photography lesson.

I’ll show you on Friday how that goes,


Spending the afternoon shopping Estate Sales