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Are you finished with your Christmas gift shopping?

I haven’t started.

Not one thing.

I am finding it so difficult to get into the Christmas spirit with this 45 degree weather and no snow.

I’m not complaining. Okay I am a little, but it is just so weird, weather wise around here.

I think I was more in the Christmas spirit this summer when Spencer and I were staging photos for the red stripe stockings I made for the shop than I am today.

We had Christmas music playing and several Christmas décor items laying around to choose from that we used as props with the stockings.

The area we are using for the photos above usually looks like this:

or this, depending upon the season.


I always love how the pictures turn out compared to the day of the photo shoot.



I guess I will crank the Christmas music again, check my lists, get shopping and top everything off with the perfect stocking stuffers.

Happy Shopping to all of you!