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After making well over 1300 pillows and almost reaching my next milestone of 1300 sales, the most common question I still receive is, “Don’t you get tired of sewing?” 🙂

The answer? No, never.

When I am sewing wholesale orders of 5 to 100 covers using the same fabric, that gets a little monotonous because it is the same fabric, over and over. But I always love to sew.

When I find myself getting bored, and between you and me, I am not good at bored, I like to find a quick DIY sewing project to tackle.

Today was that day. I was filling a large order of these covers to be shipped to a buyer in Canada.

I needed to break up all of that white and play with some color.

Wade and I have a holiday dinner party this weekend at a co-workers home, so I thought it would be festive to make him a bow tie to wear.

I picked a blue cotton fabric with a small print and found a free bow tie pattern.

The directions were simple and straight forward.

Cut, sew, iron.  Okay not quite that simple, but you can find the tutorial at

The bow tie turned out nice.

When Wade got home from work and after supper, (don’t need a hangry husband), I asked him if he would watch a YouTube video about how to tie a bow tie and then model my creation for me.

Wade, bless his heart, watched a video at least 3 times before jumping in.

It didn’t go so well.

The man has the patience of a saint. And this task tested his limits. But in his defense, he had had a long day and tying a bow tie is not easy.

He did have one good attempt but it didn’t…..okay it looked bad. 🙂

So I took matters into my own hands. After watching several videos, including How To Tie a Bow Tie for Dummies, and failing miserably to even get one good attempt, I stopped trying.

The shame.  🙂

Bottom line, I’ll stick with sewing and Wade will wear a nice sweater.

See you on Friday,