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What a difference a week makes.

All of our snow melted this weekend. With temperatures in the 40’s, snow doesn’t stand a chance. It looks and feels like late October instead of 18 days before Christmas.

A snow in December is the visual reminder for me that Christmas is coming.

Listening to excited little voices as they run thru a Christmas tree lot is music to my ears. So many little faces filled with excitement and the magic of the season as they search for the perfect Christmas tree.

I have the best  job at the tree lot. While the others work in all degrees of weather, lifting, cutting and strapping trees on top of vehicles, I work in the warm hut where everyone comes to pay for their tree.  I get to hand out coloring books and candy canes too.

Every family had a story to share with me as they came in to the little red hut to pay for their perfect Christmas tree.

Most customers have been coming to this same location for years and years. Many are now continuing the tree hunt tradition from their childhood with their own families.

My favorite story happened this past weekend when a father and his 3 year-old son were paying for a tree.

I quietly asked the father if I could offer his little boy a candy cane. He nodded his head yes. So I grabbed the full bucket of candy canes and asked his son if he would like a candy cane. Very energetically he yelled, “YES!!!” He instantly threw his hand into the bucket and grabbed one. He was so excited, you would’ve thought I gave him the winning lottery numbers.

His Dad then stopped and asked him, like all parents do, “What do you say?”

A pair of the cutest twinkling blue eyes looked up at his Dad and then turned to me and said,

“Can I have two?”

Best. Answer. Ever.

See you on Wednesday,