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With so much sad news in the world this week, I would like to just be quiet and share with you some happy, stress free photos.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference.

And on that same train of thought, sometimes it is the little décor items that pull everything together and produce the warm and fuzzy feelings of the holidays.

Among the big Christmas décor items, The Tree and The Stockings, I love to add smaller areas of décor that you might not notice until you come to our house the second or third time.

So let’s look around.

When you walk through the front door, Santa greets you.

A few more feet into the living room and the decorated fireplace mantel welcomes our family and guests.

A little holiday spirit reaches between the big windows and then finds a place to land on our wicker trunk coffee table and the end table by the couch.

The dining room windows also display a little joy, not to be outshined by the quilted table runner held down by some flocked trees.

Besides the smaller Christmas tree in between the dining room and kitchen that holds all of the ornaments we have collected through the years, there is a story of decorations on the granite counter top and a final display of festive cheer on the island.

Today is a day for pictures, not so many words.

See you tomorrow,