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The retail world is always a season ahead. My Etsy shop is no different. I do not have a lot of items listed for Halloween and Thanksgiving. That doesn’t mean I don’t love to decorate for them, it just means that I have to concentrate on different holidays listings. 🙂

In previous posts I have mentioned that we were setting up our Christmas décor early so that we could get those Holiday pictures for the blog and shop.

But, there are so many beautiful ideas out there right now to create a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. For example, this picture from Thistlewood Farms. Karianne  posted this creation on her blog yesterday along with several other ideas from her blogging friends.


In addition to using limes in a centerpiece, what caught my eye were some tree slices that were used as vases. I read Karianne’s post very carefully to see if they were actual trees or ceramic, but she was telling such a great story, there was no mention of the tree slices.

The beauty of Pinterest or blog following is that you can re-create exactly what you see or maybe take away just pieces of it.

For instance, if you don’t have tree vases, maybe use something along these lines:

Then arrange grocery store or local florists fresh flowers in a vase and maybe a couple of limes for effect. 🙂

I have used those same candle holders from Fall to the Christmas decorating season in our house.

Sneak peek of the transition from Fall to Christmas on that shelf.

I am fortunate and very thankful that my Mom loves to collect Santa’s. Now that my parents leave for their winter house in Texas before Thanksgiving, and who could blame them, she no longer decorates their house in Wisconsin for the holidays.

So they get the warm weather and I get some of her Santa collection.

I would love to hear where you get your table centerpiece inspiration. A blog, a magazine or maybe you have a kind Mother that shares things with you.

See you on Friday,