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Customer service is a big part of my business. It is also the part I enjoy the most. Okay, customer service and fabric shopping tie for most enjoyable. 🙂

With Etsy, if you like something in my shop but don’t see a size you need or if you would like to have something customized, there is the option of sending me a “conversation” so we can work together.

I have made several pillow covers, a table runner and coasters for a customer from Michigan. Then they sent me a conversation asking if I could make them a custom bench seat cushion.

Of course! was my immediate response.

It was so fun to make something different and stretch my sewing skills.

I heard from Justin last week that they had received the bench seat cushion and how much they were enjoying it!

I was so happy they were happy.

Justin also sent a picture showing where they had put the seat cushion.

How cute is that! They picked a four inch foam cushion with blue and white cotton ticking stripe fabric that had matching piping around the edges and a zipper on the back.

But wait…what really caught my eye was the antique level they hung on the wall as a place to hang their coats. How cute it THAT!

So I got to thinking. I wonder how the pillow covers look and the table runner they wanted for their 9 foot French farmhouse dining table?

I contacted Justin to ask if he could send me pictures of the other items they had purchased.

He graciously agreed.

And attached this note with the pictures.

Hi Wendy, Sure you are welcome to blog about us if you like 🙂 We recently moved into our house in March and had Claire in June. We live in Birmingham, MI, a suburb of Metro Detroit. Julie is an OBGYN and I’m an engineer in the auto industry. We’ve been rushing to get everything ready for Claire’s arrival and to get the finishing touches done. We’re very busy, so we really appreciate the ability to work remotely with you. Have placed several orders already, it’s great to have a source that we can trust. My wife and I both work and are busy with daily activities. Your quick support has been a great help. Let us know if you’d like any more specifics! Have a great day!

JT, Julie and Claire 🙂

Justin and Julie designed and decorated these rooms themselves. Beautiful. Job well done!

And that safe as a coffee table…speechless.

Thank you Justin for sharing.  🙂