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Sometimes I have no idea what to blog about. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I have a list of things I could blog about but I mentally filter those ideas as to what makes it onto the blog and what doesn’t.

That filter has one question.

Would I be interested in reading about this? That’s it. One question.

For instance, today I was going to share about this little Christmas tree that I have set up. But, it’s 61 degrees outside and I’m not feeling it. By the way the average high in Minnesota in November is 41 degrees. Believe me, no one is complaining but it’s not normal. Last year on this date we had 3 inches of snow on the ground.

Wait, where was I going with all of this? Oh yeah, my filter.

Christmas décor didn’t make it thru today’s filter.

So I took advantage of the warm fall day and went on a walk with Nikki. Nikki as in Jimmy and Nikki.

When we returned I had a text from my Mom.

She saw on my Instagram account (OldLakeGeorge) that people have commented on the green glasses that are in this picture.

These were given to me by my Mom. And now that I really look at that picture, so was that duck, the lamp and the card catalog. 🙂  My Mom has great taste.

The day that she gave me the glasses and decanter, I was at my parents house and my Mom asked if there were any dish sets I wanted. She has so many beautiful sets of dishes. The set I wanted is a blue and white set that for me represents the many loud and festive family dinners we shared. BUT, she was not quite ready to give them away. That only makes it more special for me knowing those dishes hold great sentimental value for her.

So as we moved on to other things, I spotted these green and gold glasses and decanter in her glass front kitchen cupboard.

I thought they were pretty but I don’t remember seeing them around our house as we were growing up. Reason for that; my Mom had recently purchased them at a garage sale.

So, the text she sent read, “Hey, I just saw the comments about your gold and green glasses I gave you. Did you look up how much they are worth? I got them at a garage sale for probably $10.”

I read the Instagram comments, which I love getting and someone mentioned that they might be Culver green and gold glasses. So I googled Culver green and gold glasses and yep, that’s what I had.

This is a set of 3 double Old Fashioned and 6 Old Fashioned glasses along with a decanter. The pattern is called Valencia. The gold is 22k and I found prices from $10-$20 per glass up to $250 for the decanter and 6 glasses.

Told you my Mom had great taste!

In honor of Veterans Day and green and gold cocktail glasses, let’s raise our glass to all of the Veterans, men and women that have served and are currently serving our country! Thank you!

See you on Friday,