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Does anyone else besides me watch “Ellen” every day?

One moment please…

According to Google, an average of 3 million people watch a day.

Okay then, answered that question, a couple more people watch besides me.

The reason I am asking is because one of the games she plays is called, “Epic or Fail”. All of the audience members have paddles with the word Epic on one side and Fail on the other. They then watch videos and vote whether the person is going to crash the four-wheeler into the slimy pond or if the Dad is going to get hit in the you know what after pitching to his child or…you get the picture.

Well hold your paddles up people. Let’s play “Epic or Fail”!

Pretend this is a video. We start with the back story.

Earlier this week I wrote a post titled, House Tour 2015: The Sitting Area and Guest Bedroom.

This little office area and guest bed sit across from each other in the guest bedroom. I love the chair that I sit in to write the blog, but I do not like the fabric color and pattern on the chair for this room.

So I figured, I know how to sew why not make a slip cover? In fact I found this tutorial.

Slipcovers for!!!!! Perfect.

I read the ‘How to” and then made up my own version.  😉

First I cut big rectangles of fabric from my huge drop cloth. I sewed two of the top pieces together and placed them across the top back of the chair. To match the actual shape of the chair I stuck pins thru the fabric and then drew a line of where I was going to sew.

The top fit nice and snug.

I was so proud.

I placed the other rectangle pieces in place to get a vision of where I was going.

Now comes the part that I have yet to master. I know I have the sewing skills to do this but I fail every time when it comes to working around the arms.

Remember this inexpensive Estate Sale chair?

Samantha uses this chair at her desk in her house. Again, I couldn’t figure out the arms, so I cut them off.  🙂

Cutting off the arms are not an option for my desk chair.

I hope you are sitting down when you are reading this next section. No pun intended.

This slipcover goes south, really quick.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to make this work. Of course I wouldn’t want to re-read the Slipcovers for Dummies, that would be admitting defeat.

After a full day of thinking, sewing and ripping out that sewing, I re-envision this chair as a chair for Pocahontas.

Seriously, Pocahontas.

Here’s why.

I took some rope, upbraided it, used a huge upholstery needle and literally sewed that chair shut. Don’t you think it looks like the deerskin dress that Pocahontas wore? Or maybe it’s Frankenstein’s forehead scar.

I crack myself up!

But from afar I love the look of the chair with the quilt.

Truth be told, it’s actually the bolster pillow on the chair that pulls it all together. I made that pillow cover too. Not a total loss of a sewing day.

I’m going to leave the Pocahontas slipcover on the chair for a while. It gives me a good laugh. 🙂

Alyssa and Liam dropped off more rustic signs for the shop today. I will give you a preview of those tomorrow on Sidenote Saturday. Liam did a great job. You don’t want to miss it!

Have a great weekend,