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I think I mentioned during the Home Tour that we have only lived in this house for a little over a year.

Although this house was 7 years old when we purchased it, it was as they say, turn key ready. I think my husband was excited that he didn’t have to do a thing and we could park our stuff inside and get out on the lake to fish. Silly husband, it’s as if he never met me.

In all honesty, we haven’t really done anything major around the house. But what I have done is replace several of the light fixtures. Putting my spin on decorating makes this house a home for me.

I don’t have any before pictures. Remember “we” were excited to get outside and go fishing. 🙂

Let me describe what the before looked like . Again, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t me.

Here is the new dining room table chandelier. Metal Orb from World Market.

There was a five piece chandelier over the table that matched the pendant lights that hang over the island. In fact, I think the original light is still in the garage waiting to be posted on Craigslist. Note to self: get that listed.

Here is the light in the bathroom over the double vanity. Home Depot purchase.

It use to be a 5 round bulb on a metal piece. Nothing wrong with that, just not me.

Now for my favorite change.


Turned into this…

Yep. I took what is affectionately referred to as a nipple light and replaced it with a 6 lamp chandelier. And here’s the best part…

This is in my walk in closet!

How many times has someone seen the inside of your closet? If you are like me, close to zero. But everytime I turn on the light, I smile. I love touches of whimsy in decorating and this is the icing on the cake for me.

Plus this was a labor of love. My husband has become pretty handy at changing out light fixtures for me, but he never enjoys it. Here is the picture of him right after he replaced the light.

That is a face saying, “A chandelier in the closet? If this doesn’t prove to you how much I love you, nothing does.”  heehee. He is so cute.

I hope you get a chance to stop in tomorrow. I need your help with something.

Have a great weekend!