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I was working in the studio today putting shelving paper in some drawers and I found some things that I didn’t even remember buying.

I love a great deal and I must’ve bought these paper mache ornaments after the holidays. They were probably a quarter a piece and I bought 8 of them. Two bucks tucked in the bottom of a drawer. Cha-ching.

You know how all of those random videos pop up on your Facebook account? I never really know how I get so many of those but I guess I clicked somewhere and now I get a variety of videos.

The other day, one popped up that showed a guy dipping a deer skull with antlers into a bucket of water that he had sprayed layer upon layer of paint. It was pretty cool.

So today when I found these ornaments, I thought, “Why not give that a try?”

I collected an old beach bucket, 4 half used cans of spray paint and the ornaments.

IMG_1813I had silver metallic, a textured white, a black and a gold spray paint. No rhyme or reason to what I picked.

I filled the bucket 3/4’s of the way full with tap water. Then I started to spray each of the paints, one at a time, layering them. I probably sprayed for 30 seconds each. It makes a lot of paint mist in the room so make sure wherever you’re doing this, it is well ventilated.

After you have a nice amount of paint in your bucket, take whatever you are dipping, and well, dip. 🙂

I wanted these ornaments completely covered so I dipped all the way to the top.

When the item is covered as far as you desire, gently blow the paint away from the top of your item as you pull it up out of the water.

I dipped all eight of my paper mache ornaments but I only liked 5 out of the 8. I am sure that even Martha Stewart has some rejects. 🙂

The metallic paint was super cool and although the white didn’t attach as well as I was hoping, the texture in the paint gave the ornaments some character.

Each one is unique, just as I had hoped.

My Christmas tree this year is going to be white, silver and gold. These ornaments might find themselves on the tree or maybe even in a wooden bowl or around some candle holders.

On a personal note, today is my 3 year Anniversary for having a shop on Etsy! Be sure to check out my SideNote Saturday post on the 17th to see how far I have come.  🙂 But as fair warning, if you have little children, cover their eyes. 🙂