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At the end of Wednesday’s post, I shared that it was my 3 year Anniversary with Etsy.

The shop originally started out named PoohPoohPillows, but as all things change it was renamed last year to OldLakeGeorge. #bestdecisionever

First of all I cannot believe it has been 3 years already and in a million years I never would’ve guessed that to date I have over 1,100 sales!

A very heartfelt thank you to anyone that has purchased and supported me these 3 wonderful years.

Before I get too mushy and full of myself, let me share a photo I found of when I first started sewing. (Cover your children’s eyes.)


OUCH, OUCH and OUCH were not the words that came flying out of my mouth. In fact this is an after shot. This is after I almost fainted as Wade helped me to the bathroom to run water over it. It hurt, a lot. Not gonna lie. 🙁

But I am happy to say that I have NEVER done that again. Ever.

I learn from my mistakes.  🙂

May your weekend be mistake free, pain free and wonderful. See you on Monday.