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Wow! Wow and Wow!

Good things come in threes.

And this weekend was the jackpot of 3’s.

The first WOW started on Friday night when my Etsy shop stats went crazy! Crazy in a good way. So crazy good that Etsy contacted me that they had noticed a significant spike of views because of a product I have listed.

People were looking at this listing.

These rustic birch candle holders are made by me.  People have used them as wedding décor, to make arrangements in their non functioning fireplaces and seasonal décor on shelves and mantels.

This glorious increase in views means that more logs needed to be cut.

This is where my second WOW comes in. My husband Wade and I worked together and accomplished cutting up more logs. Typically we don’t work well together. (Two Type A’s). But we rocked it!

Then I realized that I have never shared how to make these.

So here is the DIY to make these rustic candle holders.

Here’s a supply list:

  • Tree branches
  • Chain saw
  • Chop saw
  • Drill press
  • Tea lights

First, collect various widths of tree branches.

As I have shared previously, my neighbor brought these over from the tree farm where he works. I selected birch and oak branches that were between 2 and 6 inches wide.

The smaller branches I cut with my chop saw. The larger branches I needed a chain saw to cut them. I have no experience with a chain saw and this was not a weekend I wanted to learn. 🙂  That is where Wade comes in. I think I have introduced my husband before, but if not, this is Wade. Wade this is everyone.

Working together we measured and cut 2,4,6 and 8 inch sections. Okay who am I kidding, I measured, he cut. But just like the chainsaw, we were a well oiled machine.

After cutting the various sized sections, each piece then had a 1.5 inch circle drilled down into it for a tea light to be placed.

It’s that easy. Cut, drill and place a candle on top.

These candle holders are not treated or stained. They are a simple and natural way to decorate your home.

Oh and for the third Wow, it was the weather. To say it was perfect would be an understatement. The opening picture is from our afternoon fishing trip on the lake. Warm breeze, 75 sunny degrees and good fishing.


Now go and collect some tree branches and get creative. 🙂

I hope you’ll stop by on Wednesday!