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Doesn’t May 22nd seem like a long time ago?  The official start of summer wasn’t until June 21 and now as we are staring down Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end to summer.

May 22nd was the day that this blog went live. A very nerve-racking day. All of the what if’s and doubts and anxiety wrapped into the push of one little button and we were off and running blogging. It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed some guidance from someone who had walked this walk.

Like I referenced in my very first post, I read Thistlewood Farms every day.  KariAnne is the star behind the Thistlewood brand. My first contact with her was almost two years ago when she was selling advertising on her blog.  I had opened my Etsy store and was trying to branch out and reach more potential customers. So I pulled all of my courage together and contacted her to advertise my little shop on her popular blog. She instantly replied and accepted my pillow business to advertise with her. What a huge burst of encouragement!

 I love the Thistlewood Farms blog. KariAnne is so genuine, an amazing writer full of wit and her house….oh her house. I read her blog a long time before I left a comment. I figured that it would never get read because she was such a successful blogger, so why take the time. But one day, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I had to tell her how much I loved the tan and white houndstooth chair from her post, The Day I Forgot My Red Lipstick. And guess what? She replied to little ole me, again! In the world of bloggers she is a pretty big deal, Rockstar status, so for someone to take the time to respond about a comment, I was star struck.

KariAnne also has a “build your blog” option available at Thistlewood Farms. This is where she entered my life for the third and most amazing time. I purchased the hour and half phone call session with her. But, it was so much more than a phone call. A questionnaire was emailed prior to the call. It allowed us to think about the direction we wanted the phone call to head. When I reference “we”, I am referring to Spencer and I. Spencer is my photographer and social media expert. With a great sigh of relief, he took over the questions that were way beyond my realm of understanding. He and KariAnne chatted extensively about….things and stuff….and all I could do was listen. At times I had no idea what they were saying. 🙂 But here is the beauty of that. You get to tailor your session however you like, from whatever stage of blogging you are at.

If you are considering staring a blog, improving your blog or want to know what a blog is all about, do yourself a favor and set up an appointment with KariAnne.

Thank you KariAnne. You have opened our eyes to so many possibilities.  I am happy to call you friend.