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I was reading online the other day and I found this quote:

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.  Sylvia Plath

So many moments, hours and days of self-doubt have almost paralyzed me from creating.  I over-analyze every element of making something. Thoughts like, Who would ever think this is cute? or Does this look too crafty? or Am I asking too much money for this? The doubts go on and on. I can really dig myself in to a bottomless pit of questions.

This pit is not fun, it is not productive.

But it is not hopeless.

What I have taught myself to do is walk away.  Take a break from my fabric, my paperwork, by blog and my workshop.  I need to do something different.  I need to create a different line of experiences.

My son worked for Pronto Pups last year as the guy who pushed a yellow 300 pound wheeled cart thru the masses of fair goers. Hard work, long hours and a lot of heavy lifting.  A great first job for a strong 16 year-old.

When the company called to ask if he wanted to work the State Fair again this year, I asked if they needed more help. The fair is only 10 days long and I figured this would be a fun new experience.  So, I will be working at the Minnesota State Fair for Pronto Pups too. The job will be anything but glamorous. Anything but creative. I will be a hot dog skewer or as I like to call it, a wiener sticker. I know, it cracks me up too every time I tell someone. 🙂

I will have plenty of time to think. Plenty of time to plan new projects and plenty of time to eat something deep fat fried. 🙂

Wish me luck!