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What’s it called when you put a room together on paper? You know, you cut, copy and paste pictures of the bed, the duvet, the rug, the lamp and all of the things you would choose to make the perfect bedroom. I can’t remember what it is called, a mood board? Hold on, I’ll Google it.

“A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. They may be physical or digital, and can be “extremely effective” presentation tools.” Thank you Wikipedia.

So now you are thinking I will insert my mood board for my daughter’s first apartment bedroom. Not gonna happen. I usually make the mood board in my head, starting with one piece.  That piece is this rug, purchased from

Next up, a dresser. Oh how I love how this dresser turned out.  It is an IKEA dresser. The RAST.

We have all seen hacks of the RAST dresser from IKEA. (A hack is when you modify or repurpose an item.)

I present the RAST as seen in IKEA.

And the RAST all assembled.  I love directions from IKEA.  I am a visual learner so this was right up my alley. From beginning to end it took me about an hour to put this together.

Moving on, I painted the dresser white.  And since Samantha’s sorority symbol is an anchor, she choose this larger sticker from Target to adhere to the dresser after the paint had fully dried.

The final touch was these 6 ceramic nautical blue and white dresser pulls from Hobby Lobby to replace the simple wood knobs that come with the RAST.

Drum roll please….

I’m thinking that these nautical pillows will be a great addition to the room too.

We are working on a couple more pieces for the bedroom. I will post those soon!

Have you worked on any fun IKEA hacks lately?