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We moved into our current house in the summer of 2014. Samantha had already left for college prior to the closing of our house, so she didn’t move here with us. So this summer when she came home for summer break, it was bitter sweet. She will be graduating in May and then she will enroll in graduate school. I knew that this would be her last summer “coming home”.

Her room in our house is actually more of a loft than a bedroom. The layout for this room was a typical bedroom with a walk in closet.  But as the house was being built, the original owner decided to not close off the fourth wall because it faced the lake. Three walls to the bedroom are that, walls, but the fourth wall was replaced by a railing.

I am planning a home tour series to share with you in September so this layout will make more sense to you when you see those pictures.

Anyway, Sam is now back at college starting her senior year.  I was very sad to see her go, but after chatting with her almost daily she is happy and excited about life. Time to move forward.

I have been struggling with a place to sit and do paperwork.  There can be three or four things going on at my cutting table in my studio, and to clear it all off and start paperwork is never convenient. Strangely, I enjoy doing paperwork but it has to be in a space that I can spread things out in an organized manner.

So, last night I changed Samantha’s room into a guest bedroom and then claimed a corner for my office. I shopped my house and pulled together these items.



  • Calendar – Amazon
  • Black boxes – IKEA
  • Lamp – a gift from my Mom maybe from Target?
  • Guatemala wall hanging – OldLakeGeorge
  • Wastebasket – an Estate Sale, but I think they were originally from Target
  • Desk – Craigslist
  • Chairs – Thomasville Furniture

I threw my laptop on the desk and I was off and running paperworking!