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I love fabric.

The designs, the feel, the colors, the color combinations, even the fresh, clean smell.

A fabric store for me is like a candy store to a three year old.

I walk through all of the racks of fabric while running my hand along the huge rolls of beautiful textiles.

This is such a process that I usually go alone to shop. But I did ask my children for shopping coupons for Mother’s Day last year. You know the ones where they pull out crayons and construction paper and then stick them together with glue?  Yep, those.  Seriously, I use those coupons so they have to go with me to the fabric store. Up and down every aisle without complaining or eye rolling.  Best. gift. ever.

In the store every spectrum of the color wheel, every fiber is represented. I love them all. A black and white fabric has a soft spot in my heart, but I must admit that I struggle with the brown color wheel section. I have very few brown pillow covers. Someday I will have to lay down on a couch and have a professional analyze that.

But when I see a fabric that stops me in my tracks, that is a fabric that I have to buy. Love at first sight. I realize that not everyone loves what I love, but I have found that the pillow covers that I make, that sell the best, are the fabrics that I love.

I was in a store recently and came across a pink cotton with large pink dots on it. It was stunning. It was simple and it was precious.

I see it as a pillow in a little girls nursery. It sits on the glider and for the 3am feeding, it is propped under a new parent’s arm for support. I see that same pillow in my daughter’s first apartment bedroom showing a touch of whimsy on her desk chair.

So at the risk of sounding like Dr. Seuss;  I buy what I love and I love what I buy.