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At the end of my 6th grade year, our family moved from a small town in Iowa to an acreage out in the country.  My parents bought a 10 acre hobby farm. They lived there until I was a sophomore in college.

It was a great place to grow up.

My Grandpa bought my Mom a horse. Her name was Dana. When my friends asked what kind of horse she was I proudly told them that she was half Arabian, half Quarter horse.  Thank goodness they never had follow up questions.  My horse knowledge ended there.

My Dad bought some gilts and a boar, pig speak for a female and male, all the baby making necessities. I like to think that I helped when it was time to do pig chores.  All the help a 55 pound 11 year old can offer.

My Mom bought baby chicks each spring and fed them until the day came to load them into crates and take them to a lady’s house for processing.  We collected milk cartons all year as the packaging after processing. Then they were picked up and my Mom sold them to everyone that had placed orders.

I went to the Waverly sale barn with my Dad and I bought two lambs. They were named Ann and Andy.  So much creativity for a 6th grader.  I raised them and then sold them. They were sold to a family that had other lambs. The family probably found Ann and Andy to be the cutest lambs ever so I am sure they lived for at least 25 more years in a nice clover filled pasture as pets.

So now you can see where my love for Farmhouse fabric comes from.

It reminds me of when life was simple.  Just horses, pigs, chickens and lambs.

Did any of you grow up on the farm?